Heart is the most crucial ingredient to every good story. It comes from a simple place: care. And quality content craves quality care.

By engaging brands in thoughtful dialog that aims to understand their identity and specific project goals, I’ll create a safe creative space where imagination can flourish. It’s in those fertile spaces where my passion ignites. Our collaboration will spark from a mutual investment in the story we’ve crafted together for your brand. After that? Production is the fun part. I like to think of it as the party where we celebrate our story’s first heartbeat.

So, no matter how complex or varying each project is, my goals are always the same:

Seek to understand.
Be an adventurous collaborator.
Always point back to a story’s core.
With optimism and passion, let the care it took to craft a story be the creative well to tell it.


From bouncing ideas off white boards in a writer’s room to working with an actor on the nuances of their performance, the reason film as an art form is so compelling is because it’s made by not just one person, but a collective of artists. With this mentality, as a director, I look to work with the most talented people in their respective fields: editors, directors, producers, cinematographers, copy-writers etc. That breadth of experience grantees passion and a better final product. Through that collaboration I’ve connected to some of the most talented craftsman and technicians in Hollywood and advertising. This expansive network allows me to dedicate personal focus on caring for your story without sacrificing the ability to operate as a full fledged studio that can take spots from script to screen.

With heart and collaboration, we’ll tell some great stories. Here’s some brands and partners I’ve told stories with:



I work as screenwriter and director in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Dallas, I grew up making movies with a Super 8’esque group of filmmakers at eight-years-old making STAR WARS VFX tests and horror movies with our dad’s camcorder. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Digital media from Baylor University in 2011 (sic em). In 2014 my feature screenplay CHASING SHADOWS placed in the top 15% of the Academy of Motion Picture's Nicholl Fellowship and in 2016 my sci-fi pilot WATCH THE SKIES became the number one ranked teleplay on the BlackList. Commercially I’ve directed spots for Netflix, Fuller House, Play Station 4, Metro by T Mobile, BP, Sinclair Oil, and more.

My all-American sensibilities, Southern upbringing, and liberal arts education offer a distinct sentimental perspective on faith, family, and the modern American dream. My stories tend to show that, with faith in one another and perseverance, people can accomplish beautiful things.

With experiences as a copy-writer, screenwriter, director, and editor I have a well rounded and informed perspective on the entire production process that allows a true dedication to the narrative. My mission from film to broadcast campaigns, is to uncover the heart of every story and use my experience and talented network to commit to growing that theme and leaving a lasting impression.

I’m managed for film and TV by Adam Rejwan at REJ Entertainment. Aside from my own commercial projects as creative director // copy writer // director, I’m also a roster director with Southern Sky Films.