Some Poems and Various Romantic Writing

Since screenwriting is the dominant avenue by which I write I don't often get to use very romantic language. However, I've long been a fan of Fitzgerald, Joyce, Steinbeck and other early 20th century writers whose language seep with romance. So, I've decided to try and write more in that style, whether it be in social media captions, private journal entries, or (evetually) short stories. Here's a few lately:


HOME | poem

If you've ever wondered... what defines a home,

Don't look for walls, a state, or place,

but where your heart is known.




In a place like this streets lead straight into the sunset, deep into the sea, but past the rays and ocean breeze you'll still find men...

...walking and smiling from their newfound peace.



Days bleed together as adventure wanders on,

but hearts and dreams march forward to another dying sun. 

Ben DavisComment