May the force be with you, Carrie.

Here's the Facebook post I made in honor of one of my earliest heroes, Carrie Fisher.

As a child armed with a clothes hangar-blaster rifle and flashlight-lightsaber Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia accompanied me on many imaginary adventures. So of all the celebrities 2016 claimed... this one is especially rough for me.

Beyond her role in Star Wars Carrie Fisher was a fierce advocate for women's equality everywhere, but most notably in Hollywood. During her 32 year hiatus from galactic royalty she became one of the industry's most trusted writers and was hired to punch up and polish many beloved hits. There's a lot to say about Carrie Fisher. She was a strong role model, an iconic princess, an addict, a novelist, a brilliant screenwriter, and the daughter of Hollywood royalty (Debbie Reynolds) who fought to (and did) make her name her own. Carrie Fisher won over generations of Americans with a candor and sass that while often brash and crude--never seemed to be lacking of charm and wit. Simply put; she was a unique treasure.

May the force be with you, Carrie. Thanks for the movies, adventures, and for sharing your tenacious spirit with us all. RIP.

Ben DavisComment