Romo V Prescott


I love Romo. He and Jason Witten are my two favorite Cowboys of all time (as long as you don't include everyone's automatic favorite Dan Bailey). Romo is the quarterback I grew up watching. Or perhaps I should say this: he's the only Cowboy's quarterback I ever want to remember watching. I'm too young to truly remember Aikman, but I'm not too young to remember 2006. That's the year Romo finally saved the Cowboys from QB hell and made things interesting in Dallas again. So many Cowboys "fans" forgot that the last few seasons as they needlessly (and foolishly if 2015 taught you anything) called for Weeden and Orton. In fact, let's do this. Let me get all my Romo-love and beef with moronic Cowboy's fans out there. Here's a reminder of just how bad the Post-Aikman, Pre-Romo times were. We saw Banks, Leaf, Wright, old Cunningham, older Bledsoe, zombie Vinny Testaverde, Drew Henson, Chad Hutchinson, Quincy Carter... I'd continue, but I'm too busy vomiting from the PTSD. Look, if you don't think Romo's the sole reason the Cowboys were remotely competitive in years that they would've been otherwise pathetic then you need to get your head examined. Oh, yeah, there's also the fact that (for the bulk of those years) Romo ran for his life, compiling Madden'esque stats with a terrible offensive line as he laid his health on the line for the team. So there's the defense of Romo. One I can't believe anyone ever had to make.

But, moving on...

What Dak is doing is downright special. The numbers say it too. I was still team Romo until the Green Bay game, but you simply can't deny the chemistry and poise the team has right now. It's nuts, but what about stats? As a Romo lover I've already conceded the starting job. It's obvious the Cowboys would have to be insane (with Jerry they're capable but that's for another post) to extinguish the magical fire Dak's started, but surely Romo's stats are better? Buckle up. It turns out in Tony Romo's entire thirteen-year career he's only had one eight game stretch that's statistically better than Dak's last eight games.


And Dak... has only played eight games.

Bonkers. I mean, what? This is reality.

Dak is playing outside of his mind. He's got a lot of help with Elliott and an offensive line full of certified bosses, but who cares? He's incredible. The tape's there, the stats are there, and SEVEN STRAIGHT wins are there. As Cowboys fans we can only hope Dak's amazing play continues. That he keeps it up for the next eight weeks and the next eight years. And if Dak does, if he is the next quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, if the gates to QB Hell don't scream "DAK PRESCOTT" in his sophomore year... then every Cowboys fan should pinch themselves for being so damn lucky. Lucky enough to go from an undrafted all-pro from Eastern Illinois to a 4th round gem whose biggest compliment on his draft report was, "a team would be wise to utilize him on short-yardage packages."

Romo to Prescott. Even if Dak is a one-year-wonder (I don't think he is), thank you Football Gods. Thank you so much.

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